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NEET Rank vs. MBBS Abroad: Understanding Admission Requirements and Criteria

NEET is a medical entrance exam conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) to give admission to the UG programs of medical and dental colleges in India. The NTA conducts this exam every year, and the students must pass it to get admission to any Indian college. Apart from Indian colleges, NEET clearance has also become one of the basic MBBS Abroad requirements if a candidate is planning to study abroad. Clearing the NEET examination is one of the MBBS abroad eligibility criteria in the universities that are approved by the MCI.

So, in this blog, we will discuss how the NEET examination is one of the major requirements for taking admission to MBBS abroad.

NEET is compulsory for medical aspirants.

The NEET examination is one of the most important aspects of India for students who wish to pursue a career in medicine. By conducting this exam, every student gets a fair opportunity in the field of medicine, as it removes favoritism, corruption, or bias. Apart from that, the MCI has also made it a must if students are looking to gain admission to universities, whether in India or abroad. It has now become one of the major MBBS Abroad requirements. If the candidate didn’t pass the NEET examination, then they are not eligible to take admissions for the MBBS, be it in India or abroad. This exam ensures that the nation gets quality candidates as the future relies on their hands.

NEET Rank Importance:

In India, the better the NEET rank, the more chances there are of getting into top government universities. The importance of NEET rank has its pros. First, the candidate will get admission to a top government college. Secondly, the candidates can also enjoy the benefits of scholarships and better financial support. The candidates with higher ranks have more options and opportunities when compared with the lower ones. Those who have scored less in NEET don’t mean that they will not get into a good college; surely they will. Many candidates prefer to study abroad; in that case, too, the NEET is required, but the NEET rank doesn’t matter very much.

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MBBS Abroad:

Are you also one of those who is considering pursuing an MBBS from abroad? Yes, we have got you. There are many reasons why Indian students choose to pursue MBBS abroad. The very common reason that is observed is that India has a limited number of seats, and competition is very high. Another reason is to get exposure to a whole new culture, people, and place. And yes, don’t forget that NEET is one of the MBBS Abroad requirements when submitting the application. Over the past few years, places like Tajikistan have become a good option.

The MBBS Abroad Requirements:

Every university has its own set of eligibility criteria while taking admissions of the students in the universities. Talking about MBBS in Tajikistan, the MSIT also has its own set of MBBS abroad eligibility criteria:

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NEET Rank vs. MBBS Abroad Requirements


Clearing the NEET examination is a must for medical aspirants, no matter where they wish to study. This is one of the toughest exams, which requires dedication, hard work, a well-structured study plan, and focus. Every year, thousands of candidates appear for the exam. It has a vast syllabus covering these subjects: physics, chemistry, and biology (Botany and Zoology). The NEET examination works as a filter, as it ensures that the health industry has qualified and skilled doctors. Practicing regularly and using the principles precisely while giving a mock or the main exam will help you score well. Securing a NEET rank is great, but if you have scored low, then there is no need to get upset. In India, you can still get into a great university, and if you are looking outside, by clearing the NEET, you have fulfilled one of the most important MBBS Abroad requirements.