GDE Consultancy

Privacy Policy


This privacy statement explains how GDE Consultancy, the proprietor of, utilizes and safeguards any information you provide while using the site.

GDE Consultancy is dedicated to safeguarding the user’s privacy while utilizing the data for internal business purposes.
Occasionally, GDE Consultancy may modify this policy; therefore, it is recommended that you monitor this periodically to prevent any misunderstandings.

Information Collected

We collect information through the following means:

Employment of the information

GDE Consultancy utilizes all user information disclosed on the website for the purposes of data maintenance and providing optimal results and services in accordance with user preferences and searches.

In response to user feedback, GDE Consultancy may modify and enhance their services and products utilizing the collected data. The users’ provided contact information will be utilized to establish communication via phone, message, or email.

Additionally, the company may utilize the emails provided by the users to disseminate promotional materials and other announcements.

Information Privacy

User information is not sold, leased, or distributed by GDE Consultancy to third parties unless required to do so by law or at the request of the user.

Users who believe GDE Consultancy holds wrong or incorrect information about them and would like the company to make the required corrections may submit the information via email.

Cookies collected

In addition to the intentionally submitted user data, GDE Consultancy also retains user cookies that are automatically generated upon accessing the website.

The information gathered from the cookies is utilized by GDE Consultancy to analyze user activity on their website.

The exclusive function of cookie storage is to preserve statistical recordings of the website.

Privacy for Children

GDE Consultancy prohibits the attendance of minors younger than 13 years old. The company will expunge any data that may have been stored upon detection.