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Guide For Parents

For parents, letting go of their beloved child to study in a foreign country can be a daunting task. However, they must understand that studying abroad can bring immense benefits for their child’s future, especially if their dream is to become a doctor. To address any concerns parents may have about their child’s international university experience, they can turn to Gyanam Darshnam Educational Consultancy for guidance and support.

Discuss career goals with your child

As a parent, there are several responsibilities you can fulfill to ensure your child's success. Start by having a conversation with your child about their career goals and why they want to pursue MBBS abroad. Learn more about the university where they intend to study and show your support in any way possible.

Deal with your challenges

It's also a good idea to reach out to other parents who have already sent their children abroad for medical school. This can help you clear up any doubts or questions you may have about the experience.

Inform yourself

As a parent, you should also educate yourself about the medical schools and lifestyles that best suit your child's needs. Research the academic requirements, campus life, and available accommodations in the country where your child plans to study.

Cost Estimate

Another important consideration is budgeting for the costs associated with studying abroad. In addition to tuition fees, parents should also factor in expenses such as accommodation, food, medical insurance, communications, and travel.

Seek professional counselling

Lastly, seek professional counseling from Gyanam Darshnam Educational Consultancy. We have been helping medical students for many years and can provide valuable guidance to help your child achieve their dream of becoming a doctor. They are always available to assist with any concerns or doubts.

Why You Should Study MBBS In Abroad?

There are for sure various advantages of study MBBS In abroad. Direct admissions without any examinations, easygoing admission processes, low fees, and few colleges are 2 hours away from India. Making it an added advantage for the students to study and stay close to home as well.