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Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan

Tajikistan is located in Central Asia and can be your gateway to becoming a successful doctor. The nation is known for its rich culture and heritage, but apart from that, the MBBS programs in Tajikistan have gained a lot of appreciation across the world. Students from every corner of the world are choosing Tajikistan to pursue an MBBS degree. With their top educational facilities and curriculum, the universities in Tajikistan will open doors for your bright future. The Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan (MSIT) is one of the top MBBS universities that offers quality education

Start your dream journey of becoming a skilled doctor, researcher, or healthcare service provider at MSIT with their globally recognised programs.

The Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan (MSIT) is calling your name!

Director at MSIT:

Ibodzoda Zarnia, director of the Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan (MSIT), welcomes you to a prestigious MBBS university.

MSIT was established in 2020 and has emerged as the leading medical education hub in Tajikistan. More than 1800 students have successfully embarked on their medical journey in three years. As of now, 800+ students are mastering medical science on our state-of-the-art campuses and divisions.

MSIT takes immense pride in maintaining the global standard, which has attracted numerous students from across the world. At MSIT, along with the quality education, the immense diversification of the culture and rich heritage will make for a thrilling experience.

MSIT is one of the best MBBS universities in Tajikistan that not only focuses on education but also goes beyond that. The rich culture and heritage of Tajikistan will be of great exposure. Our alumni serve as shining examples, as they continue to excel at their dreams in their home countries or in other nations.

“I would like to extend my gratitude for choosing MSIT in the journey of becoming the best doctor in your respective fields. I wish you all the best for a beautiful future in the field of medicine”.

Dive Into The World of Innovative education with MSIT:

MSIT, the Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan, is known for its renowned innovative education system. MSIT offers a great learning experience that will transform your life and lead you towards a bright future in the field of medicine. The curriculum is crafted very precisely, which ensures that it meets the global standard and also provides a deep understanding of the program.

MSIT has emerged as one of the top choices among students choosing to pursue an MBBS in Tajikistan. With its affordable fee structure and providing all the facilities, from great infrastructure to hands-on experience for the students, the cultural diversity that students will experience will be a great exposure for their growth.

In addition to old teaching techniques, MSIT has experienced peers that will not only help in gaining a piece of great knowledge. The support from the mentors will help them push their boundaries, which will help them learn and understand better. The internship programs and the seminars will help you evolve yourself, which is very important.

Over the years, MSIT has empowered students to challenge their inner boundaries and go beyond them, which has helped them create a great future.

Globally Recognised:

The MBBS programs of the Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan (MSIT) are globally recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Medical Commission (NMC), the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), the Ministry of Education of Tajikistan (MET), the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), and the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).

The accreditation from these global bodies ensures that students will receive quality education meeting all the global standards. Moreover, it will allow students to practice medicine or study further in other nations if they wish to do so. The curriculum is also updated regularly as per the guidelines given by these global bodies.

MSIT is one of the best MBBS universities in Tajikistan, recognised globally, offering a comprehensive and innovative learning experience that cultivates students for a successful medical career.

Faculty at MSIT:

Experience and Expertise

Every faculty member holds a prestigious degree from a reputed university, and they are also experts in their fields. In addition, they are experts in their fields with years of experience, which enables them to guide students successfully. Their knowledge will not only enhance the educational process but also allow students to pursue their interests and achieve success in the fields they choose.

Indian Faculty:

In the Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan, the MBBS faculty is Indian, which is an added advantage for the students. The students will not face much of an issue due to the language in understanding the courses, and apart from that, they will also have a sense of moral support.

Continuing Professional Development:

The faculty not only focuses on academic books but also emphasizes students attending seminars, training programs, and workshops. These programs will help in gaining valuable information and also benefit students with the latest advancements in their fields. The faculty of MSIT tries their best to develop the students in every sense.

Mentorship and Support:

MSIT understands the value of a good and supportive mentor. The faculty serves as mentors and helps students by nurturing them and providing them with all the necessary information or lessons that will help make their future better. Furthermore, the faculty understands the value of support, and they do give it to the students. With the support, the students feel encouraged, which helps them achieve their goals more smoothly and effectively.

Hostel & Mess:

MSIT is one of those MBBS universities in Tajikistan that understands the importance of a good living environment. The hostel and the mess facility at MSIT are top-notch, ensuring that students will feel comfortable, safe, and welcome home away from home.

Quality Food:

Our mess provides healthy and delicious foods to the students, maintaining proper hygiene while making and serving them. All the meals are cooked freshly, ensuring the quality of the food, and some of the local dishes are also included in the menu.

Friendly Staff:

The staff of both the hostel and mess are dedicated to providing good services to the students. From hostel caretakers to mess staff and even the administration staff, make sure that students are provided with every facility. If they have any problems, they also try to resolve them.

Location Friendly:

The hostel is located in a very convenient place, ensuring that students won’t have any problem reaching their respective blocks to attend classes. Student safety is also one of the major issues that comes to mind when choosing MBBS in Tajikistan. The MSIT hostel takes all safety measures for the students.

24*7 medical assistance:

The health of the students matters the most, and our university offers 24*7 medical assistance to the students. Professionals are appointed in case any students face any medical issues. Students can easily consult them if they are not feeling well.

Comfortable Rooms:

A comfortable living space is very important, and our hostel rooms are well-furnished with all the essentials. Where students can focus on their studies and relax after all the academic pressure. The rooms also have a facility for high-speed internet.

Advantages of Doing MBBS in Tajikistan:

Medium of Instruction: English

One of the primary concerns is the language barrier for the students, but in Tajikistan, the course is taught in English. The faculties of the MSIT have a good command of English, and the students will not face any difficulty in understanding the course.

Quality Education:

MSIT is recognized globally, and over the past few years, Tajikistan has evolved as one of the choices when selecting an MBBS university. The university is known for its curriculum meeting global standards and its practical programs. The internship programs will help students gain hands-on experience and prepare them for the future.

Excellent Hostel Facilities:

MSIT prioritizes the student's welfare and considers that the hostel facilities are top-notch. Students will feel safe and comfortable in a great living space along with their fellow students. From comfortable rooms to safety measures, MSIT has taken all the necessary steps.

Indian Food Availability:

Our mess provides Indian food, which is great news for all the students. The feeling of missing food away from home will no longer be there. Students will experience comfortable food and focus on their studies without any stress regarding the food.

World Wide Placement:

After completing the MBBS in Tajikistan, it will open doors to new opportunities. Those opportunities will lead to a shining future in the field of medicine. Tajikistan doesn’t restrict students, but it allows students to practice or study medicine in any other nation.

5+1 Year MBBS Degree:

The MBBS in Tajikistan follows a curriculum that meets all the global standards, which includes 5 years of study and 1 year of training. The training period prepares the student to learn and focus on their skills.

Courses Information:

The course duration is 5 years, along with 1 year of clinical rotary internship as per the guidelines of the National Medical Commission (NMC).

Eligibility Criteria:

Documents Required:

Affordable Fees

One of the significant advantages of studying at the Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan is its affordable fees. The tuition fees are relatively low compared to other medical universities worldwide, making it an excellent option for students from diverse financial backgrounds.

Modern Facilities

The Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan has modern facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The classrooms, laboratories, and clinics are well-maintained and equipped with the latest equipment and technology to provide students with hands-on experience.

Multi-cultural Environment

The Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan attracts students from various countries worldwide. Studying in such a multicultural environment exposes students to different cultures and helps them broaden their perspectives. It also provides an opportunity to make new friends and connections, which can be beneficial in the future.

Career Opportunities

After completing the MBBS program at the Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan, graduates have various career opportunities worldwide. They can pursue their careers as doctors, medical researchers, or work in public health services. Moreover, Tajikistan is a member of the World Health Organization (WHO), and the degree awarded by the MSI is recognized worldwide.

Supportive Environment

The Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan provides a supportive environment for students to learn and grow. The faculty members are always ready to assist students with their academic and personal needs. The university also has a dedicated international student support center that assists with accommodation, visas, and other related issues. Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan is an excellent choice for students who want to pursue MBBS studies abroad. It offers quality education, affordable fees, modern facilities, a multicultural environment, career opportunities, and a supportive environment. Pursuing MBBS studies at the Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan will be a life-changing experience, helping students achieve their dreams of becoming successful doctors.


Is there any entrance test to get admission to Tajik?

No, there is no need to take any entrance exam for admissions in Tajikistan. However, you must have cleared the NEET examination.

Is the Tajikistan MBBS valid in India?

Yes, the MBBS degree from Tajikistan is valid in India. It is recognized globally by the WHO, NMC, and other global bodies.

Is MBBS in Tajikistan good?

Tajikistan has some of the best MBBS universities in the world, including the Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan (MSIT).

Is Tajikistan safe for Indian students?

Yes, Tajikistan is safe for Indian students. In addition, MSIT takes all the precautionary measures necessary to ensure the safety of every student.


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