GDE Consultancy

Choose your Preferred University

The market for education abroad is expanding and rapidly taking over the world. Therefore, carefully select the university that meets your career goals.

Learn About Further Steps

We assist you in comprehending the procedures for applying to medical universities and the subsequent tasks you must do.

- Make contact with the current students

You can get in touch with the students who are currently studying medicine abroad at the colleges of your choice.

- Interview!

There is no entrance exam as part of the admission procedure. However, a student must attend a talk with the university team before acceptance. In order to make sure the student has the zeal, enthusiasm, and skills required to become a doctor, they do this.

- Start Applying.

We will support your application to the universities you choose since you are in contact with us.

- Prepare your documents

Documents about your academic record must be submitted. So that you can submit your admission application and the required paperwork on time, prepare them in advance.

- Make a detailed budget plan.

You must create a budget for additional costs like travel, lodging, and tuition. Contact banks and financial organizations 6 to 8 months in advance if you intend to take out student loans because many paperwork is involved.

- Request a student visa.

Together, we will work on this and support your student visa application.

- We are almost done, yay.

After the procedure, you will receive a letter of admission confirmation for your MBBS course. You are now prepared to prepare your bag for your fresh start.