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Simplifying the Admission Process for MBBS at Tajikistan Medical Universities

The Tajikistan Medical Universities are the perfect gateway to transforming your career into the world of medicine. Tajikistan is becoming the medical hub for aspirants like you who are looking to experience top-quality education while exploring the vibrant culture. Various factors play a significant role in making MBBS in Tajikistan a top destination, like its affordable fee structure, quality education, practical training, and many more.

So, you have landed on the correct page. We at GDEC will not only guide you throughout the procedure of getting admission to top Tajikistan medical universities but will also answer every question you have.

Eligibility Criteria:

These are the following eligibility criteria that should be kept in mind before applying to the Tajikistan Medical Universities:

MBBS Duration in Tajikistan Medical Universities:

MBBS in Tajikistan will require a total of 5 years, including one year of internship. The whole program is designed in such a manner that you can apply your theoretical knowledge to practical situations and become the best in the field of medicine. The Tajikistan Medical Universities, like the Medical Social Institute of Tajikistan (MSIT) and Avicenna Tajik State Medical University, are two top medical colleges. 

Intake Duration:

The MBBS admission in Tajikistan starts in July. Initially, in the first week of July, the candidates must start submitting their applications. Moreover, the admission window will close in the last week of August, so candidates must submit their applications by then. After that, the course will start in the first week of September at Tajikistan Medical University.

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Documents Required:

Here is the list of documents that are required at the time of admission to Tajikistan Medical Universities:

Admission Procedure at MBBS University in Tajikistan:

To get into the top Tajikistan medical universities, the candidate must have cleared all the eligibility criteria mentioned above. After that, they must have all the necessary documents.

The admission procedure is very simple, and with GDEC at your side, you don’t have to worry about anything. Let’s check out the process:

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Wrapping Up:

Tajikistan is no doubt one of the best places to pursue your medical degree with its cost-friendly, quality education, global recognition, modern infrastructure, and career opportunities. MBBS fees in Tajikistan for Indian students are one of the standout features. The medical program is taught by experienced peers in English. Endless opportunities are waiting for you once you get into the Tajikistan medical universities.

Stay updated and contact us anytime if you have any sort of doubts, and say hello to all the new adventures of experiencing the life-changing journey of becoming a top doctor.