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Top Cheapest Countries for Indian Students to Pursue MBBS in 2024

Every Indian student has once thought in their life of becoming a doctor, but with time, only a few of them go on that path. Some of them gave up on the idea because they didn’t want to become doctors. After all, they thought there would be more fun in finding a different line of work, and some gave up because of the high fee structure of the university and the scarcity of places in Indian medical schools.
However, now there are plenty of options to pursue their dreams on a budget and get international exposure. There are many of the cheapest countries to study MBBS for Indian students in the world.
Yes, you are getting it right; there are plenty of options available to study MBBS abroad to fit your pockets.
Due to financial limitations, are you also holding back on your dream of becoming a doctor? Then you have just landed on the correct page, as today we will highlight some of the cheapest countries to study MBBS for Indian students.

Top 5 cheapest countries for MBBS for Indian students:

1. MBBS in Tajikistan:

Tajik medical universities have become the first choice in recent times among Indian students making the list. While looking at the options to study MBBS abroad that include both a high-quality education and an affordable fee structure, MBBS in Tajikistan is surely a great option. It is one of the most popular destinations for Indian medical students due to its English-speaking programs, modern infrastructure, and globally recognized programs that match the standards given by global bodies. The cost of living is also low when compared to other Western countries. As per the GDEC, Tajikistan stands first in the list of the cheapest countries for MBBS for Indian students.

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2. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

Yet another country that is on the list of cheap MBBS abroad is Kyrgyzstan. It is the home of several medical universities that allow you to chase your passion without any financial hindrance. Apart from its program structure, the country is also known for its beauty and dynamic culture. Like Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan has also grown in popularity among Indian students who are looking for the cheapest country for MBBS students.

3. MBBS in Kazakhstan:

Another growing option for Indian students looking for an affordable medical education is Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, there are numerous medical universities that provide top-tier academic programs without draining the pocket of a candidate. The MBBS universities follow all the guidelines given by the global bodies, removing all the hurdles to practicing medicine in any corner of the world. So, Kazakhstan is also one of the cheapest countries for MBBS for Indian students.

4. MBBS in Ukraine:

Ukraine is also on the list of countries where Indian students can enjoy the benefit of getting a quality education with an affordable fee structure. However, in the past few years, due to the war conditions, there has been a slight shift when it comes to popularity. The Indian students are now looking for other options, but earlier it was very popular. Apart from the war conditions, Indian students used to face a language barrier when communicating with the locals, but despite these two factors, Ukraine is undoubtedly one of the cheapest countries for MBBS for Indian students.

5. MBBS in Russia:

Last but not least, Russia has always been a top choice among candidates when considering MBBS abroad, but the question is: what is cheap? Somewhat it is, but not much when compared to other countries. Russian medical universities provide a quality education program, and the tuition fees are also affordable. However, the warlike situation has also impacted the medical colleges. The sense of fear among parents about students applying for MBBS in Russia has subsequently affected their mindset of not opting for Russia.

Making a list and comparing it is a common thing that every candidate does, and while selecting the universities, it becomes more obvious and important to do so. When comparing MBBS in India vs. MBBS in Tajikistan, several factors come into play. Here it is:

Wrapping it up:

The fee structure has always been a point of discussion, along with the quality of education, infrastructure, accommodations, and other factors. Fortunately, so many countries offer a great educational program with a fee structure. If you look at the nations above, every country’s main focus is to provide a top-tier education program, but in a budget-friendly manner. Be it Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, or Russia, they want to serve the students the best and make their dream of becoming doctors possible. You might think that the MBBS programs are cheap, which means there must be compromise in other factors. But let us tell you, it’s nothing like that. Suppose you take a look at the MBBS program in Tajikistan. In that case, they provide exposure to learning from the best peers, following all the instructions given by global bodies, and making no compromises with the future of medicine. A candidate can practice medicine in any corner of the world after completing their MBBS degree. It is also one of the major reasons why Tajikistan is at the top when talking about the cheapest country for MBBS. 

As per the GDEC, these were the top 5 cheapest countries for MBBS for Indian students. 

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