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Top Reasons Why Indian Students Go to Tajikistan for MBBS?

Choosing an MBBS university can be daunting, with numerous options available in India or abroad. In recent years, many Indian students have adapted to studying abroad, and the preferred locations are Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and many more. 

With so many options available, students often get confused about which country to go to. Moreover, currently, MBBS in Tajikistan is becoming a top priority among students when looking for overseas students. 

Tajikistan, located in Central Asia and known for its enticing views, has also become a great option for medical aspirants, with the Tajikik universities offering quality education with an affordable fee structure.

Let’s get into the details of why MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian students is a great spot to start their future in medicine.

Top Reasons to Choose MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian Students:

The idea behind choosing Tajikistan over any other foreign location has its merits. MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian students is a safe option, and there are various reasons. Let’s concentrate on a few of the main factors that will alter your viewpoint for the time being.

1. No Drainage of Pockets:

One of the major points that every candidate takes into consideration is the fee structure while looking for MBBS abroad options, and we all agree with that. The MBBS in Tajikistan no doubt offers a prominent fee structure for the students with its affordable living and cost of education. Even when compared with other countries, it will not drain your pockets. Because of this, it becomes a desirable choice for students who might not be able to pay the expensive tuition at medical colleges back home.

2. Educational Quality:

Affordability was just one side of the coin, but the quality of education in that fee structure is yet another side of the coin. Having both features together without compromising the standard of education makes it an attractive location among students. The structure of MBBS in Tajikistan is well-designed, which ensures that an individual will not have to worry about it. Learn from experienced peers using English as a medium of instruction. MSIT is one of the best medical universities in Tajikistan, located in Dushabane, and offers great infrastructure.

3. Smooth Admission Process:

Unlike India, the availability of seats is not a big headache in Tajikistan. In India, it is very difficult to get a seat in a good university that offers a quality education and an affordable fee structure, with an increase in the demand for medical schools. However, MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian students offers a pretty great deal for future medicos. The candidates don’t have to worry much about the entrance exams, the availability of seats, or the application process. 

With GDEC being one of the best MBA abroad consultants, we will take care of everything. Moreover, MBBS universities in Tajikistan’s criteria are very simple; all they demand is NEET clearance.

4. Global Acceptance:

Many of the candidates have this doubt in their minds that MBBS from Tajikistan is valid in India or in other countries.
The answer is yes. MBBS in Tajikistan is globally recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and many other global bodies. With this advantage, the candidate can pursue higher studies in other countries if they want to. They can also practice medicine in any country of their choice. So, MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian students will not limit them to one place.

5. Exploration Opportunities:

Looking for a great educational program along with the infrastructure is as important as looking for future opportunities. MBBS in Tajikistan offers that; it provides a 1-year training program in which an individual gets hands-on experience working with professionals. Moreover, getting an opportunity to explore a new country, learn about a new culture, and get an idea about the foreign healthcare system will be a plus.

6. Supportive Environment:

The feeling of living away from home is something that every student abroad thinks of. But when choosing an MBBS in Tajikistan, Indian students need not worry about it, as many students like you are doing great. The candidates will not find themselves alone in a new country. Tajikistan’s colleges often provide helpful environments for Indian students, helping with things like visa processing, accommodation, and other practical issues.

MBBS in India vs. MBBS in Tajikistan:

Making a list and comparing it is a common thing that every candidate does, and while selecting the universities, it becomes more obvious and important to do so. When comparing MBBS in India vs. MBBS in Tajikistan, several factors come into play. Here it is:


Factors MBBS in India MBBS in Tajikistan
Admission Process
  • High cut-off marks are required for government colleges.
  • Limited number of seats relative to the number of applicants.
  • Less competitive admission process.
  • Easier enrollment with a higher number of available seats.
Cost of Education
  • Government medical colleges are affordable but extremely difficult to get into.
  • Private medical colleges can be very expensive, with fees ranging from several lakhs to crores of INR.
  • Tuition fees are significantly lower than in Indian private colleges.
  • The overall cost of living is also lower, making it an economical option.
Medium of Teaching
  • Primarily English in most medical colleges, especially in urban areas.
  • Some regional languages are taught in certain state medical colleges.
  • Many medical universities offer courses in English, catering to international students.
  • Local language can be required when interacting with locals in the clinic. 
  • Well-established infrastructure in most government and reputed private colleges.
  • Universities in Tajikistan have all modern facilities and great infrastructure. 
  • Degrees are globally recognized.
  • Degrees are globally recognized by WHO, MCI, and others.
Career Opportunities
  • Numerous opportunities are there.
  • You can practice or pursue medicine anywhere. 

In Conclusion:

With so many options available, the MBBS in Tajikistan is the best place to adopt. From a similar admissions process to an affordable fee structure with quality education, getting an opportunity to gain great exposure to studying in a new country will be worth it. 

MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian students will be a great place to gain practical knowledge, opening the gates for the future in other countries. Wait no more, and get yourself into the top medical university in Tajikistan.
GDEC has advised numerous students like you and would love to guide more candidates like you towards getting a top-class medical education.