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5 ways to Tackle the Challenges of Indian Medical Students in Tajikistan

In India and worldwide, being a doctor has long been regarded as one of the most difficult career paths. In India, the youth comprise over 60% of the population, and education has traditionally been highly valued. Pursuing a medicine degree is not an easy task; it requires a lot of hard work, good financial support, and proper guidance. The choice of pursuing an MBBS abroad has gained a lot of attention. In recent times, Tajikistan has become one of the preferred countries for Indian students to pursue an MBBS. While studying overseas may appear enjoyable on the outside, only the students and their families truly understand how difficult it can be. GDEC is a platform that not only guides you to study MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian students but also helps you deal with the problems that you may face.

However, Indian medical students in Tajikistan face a variety of difficulties, just like students studying abroad anywhere else. Giving the students a general idea of the difficulties they will face in advance is advantageous. In this piece, we will discuss the challenges and possible solutions to those challenges that Indian students face while studying MBBS in Tajikistan.

1.   Language Barrier

The language barrier is one of the main issues that Indian students in Tajikistan confront while studying MBBS. Even though MBBS students receive their education in English, Tajik is the official language of the country. However, daily conversions are conducted in Tajik, which subsequently proved difficult. Every student encounters difficulty when dealing with the community in addition to their studies of medicine.

The GDEC advises that to solve this issue, they should attempt to learn a few useful vocabularies on their own. Trying to focus on multiple things at once is difficult. However, students must also make an effort to communicate with locals and other students to learn Tajik and overcome the language barrier.

2. Cultural Adjustment

Like any other country, every nation has its own culture and set of values. India’s culture is different from that of Tajikistan. It might be challenging for Indian students studying an MBBS in Tajikistan to integrate into their culture, which can lead to feelings of isolation. When it comes to welcoming students overseas, culture always plays a big part, and once they get the hang of things, it’s easy for them to fit in.

The GDEC advises that to solve this issue, they should attend cultural orientation programs. In addition, they must observe and discuss with their fellow students who are native to Tajikistan the cultural norms that are upheld there. Despite their interactions, students can still learn about Tajikistani culture by reading or watching about it.

3. Financial Strain

Financial difficulties are yet another challenge that Indian students studying for an MBBS in Tajikistan may encounter. the unforeseen expenses that can differ from their previous estimates. Apart from the tuition costs, there is no such thing as accurately estimating the amount of money needed on board. The cost of living might put students under mental strain that they are unaware of. This is not good because it can affect a student’s academic performance, whether they are Indian or not.

According to the GDEC, the ideal approach to solving this issue is to secure a solid scholarship in order to handle the funds. In addition, Indian students can search for part-time work or freelance opportunities to supplement their income and help with daily household expenses.

This will not only give them support but also provide new exposure.

4.   Psychological Support

Lack of psychological support is yet another issue that Indian students studying MBBS in Tajikistan have to deal with. Stress might arise from studying and adjusting to a new environment, which can have a direct or indirect negative impact on mental health. Undoubtedly, MBBS is one of the hardest degrees to seek, and pursuing it overseas adds a layer of difficulty due to the difficulties we’ve already covered. One of the most important components of handling any circumstance is psychological support.

GDEC recommends that all Indian students pursuing an MBBS in Tajikistan attempt to talk to counselors about the problems they are having. In addition, individuals can always speak with their doctors about their mental health. They can chat with their friends and family since, as we all know, there is no greater support system than that found in personal relationships. In addition, families ought to check up on their children and offer them the assistance they require.

5.   Networking & Socializing:

For Indian students studying for an MBBS in Tajikistan, networking and socializing present substantial obstacles. This is just one of the difficulties that Indian students frequently encounter because of linguistic and cultural obstacles. Due to their unfamiliar surroundings, international students frequently encounter these kinds of difficulties when they first enroll in courses. Indian students often find it very difficult to socialize and create a network, and this becomes a little isolating for them.

The GDEC advises all Indian students to interact with more local students and teachers while they are there. Aside from that, they ought to join clubs at MSIT University. This will be a great way for them to socialize and assist them in building a network. They should also have patience throughout the first few months, as acclimating to a new area can be challenging at first but easier as you become accustomed to the customs and surroundings.


These were a few of the main problems that Indian students studying for an MBBS in Tajikistan had to deal with. We trust that this will assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of the difficulties and potential methods to address them. You can overcome these obstacles by fully putting up your effort and being aware of Tajikistani customs beforehand. Due to the internationally renowned medical programs, the chance for Indian students to pursue MBBS in Tajikistan has grown in popularity over time. From the beginning to the end, GDEC is at your side and will support you in any manner we can.